Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Six feet under

Death- the one thing that fascinates me, the one thing that scares me. You can find an answer to anything else, you can experience and explain any other phenomenon, but not death. This isn't some philosophical gibberish or even an attempt at seeking spiritual answers for questions. Actually, it just might be.

If there is anything I firmly believe in, it is most definitely the finality of death. No priest, leader or institution can convince me otherwise. I whole heartedly believe that there is nothing 'beyond'. That there is no "light at the end of the tunnel, calling out to you". It is just silence, silence from the noise we claim to hate, and yet that which we crave. A blankness, a stillness which has absolutely no end. It would be like falling asleep, the only difference being, here you never wake up.

When your physical presence ceases to exist, so do you. That is exactly what scares me the most. In life we take each day as it comes, wondering, dreaming, planning for the days to come. But what if, what if one 'fine' day you were told exactly how many more days you had for the curtains to draw one last time. Worse, what if you were told the time limit that a loved one has remaining? How in the world does anyone find the strength to go on? It is not a mere object that is being snatched away from you, but a living, thriving entity, someone who has been a part of your life, someone who has been your life! How do you rise from such a low?

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  1. The Philo-gibbi part was sacrificed in the last 4 lines! Of what all i have seen for the last 2 weeks or so, I sincerely hope dats fiction! :(

    I have never ever given a thought to this thing called death, ya, never! :|