Friday, January 11, 2008

Nothing in particular

This one is just to chronicle the last week - uneventful overall, yet small observations which I might want to record.

I thought it will be one of the longest weeks possible, as the two weeks before it had a holiday one day of the week. But surprisingly, that wasn't to be. The week moved on fairly fast - anything to do with days being shorter in winter(no, I am not a retard, I am kidding!)? There wasn't much work in office, and I could easily finish the alloted task with a lot of time to spare. No, it has got nothing to do with my "efficiency", just being smart and making my manager allot more time than required for it.

CAT results came out. No, I wasn't amongst the lakhs of people who mewed and purred in the exam halls all over the country. Quite a few of my friends wrote it, most of them unhappy with their results. Dumb old me didn't even know what kind of result deserves congratulations and which one sympathies. I mean my natural instinct at the knowledge that a friend bagged 97 percentile (not percentage, mind you) should be "Congrats!" right? Wrong. I was told not to rub salt over the wounds and had to stay back to undo the damage and cheer him up. 97 percentile not being good enough. Thank heavens I am not presumptuous enough to think that I have a chance and give that monster of an exam!

I gave yet another pat to my small back for taking yet another solid decision eons ago. Orkut is a blessing, no, not even in disguise, just out and out! You see it was through this "outdated"(what would they know about it) social networking site that I discovered that my getting out of the "puppy love-crush-preteen-fascinated by movies-relationship(?)" was the best thing to have happened to me! No offense to him(ok, maybe a little), but he seems to have turned into one obnoxious, self obsessed, self centered pr*ck! Right from his description about himself to the album photos - me, me, me, me and oh! Our common friends tell me that he is also now an infamous flirt - the cherry on the icing? Don't get me wrong, this isn't the sour grapes story, we parted on good terms and it was a mutual decision(or so I made him believe..hehe). Phew! What a close call!

Now comes the trifle serious part. Don't start yawning as yet, it will be over soon. I hate being diplomatic. But sometimes, there just isn't any other way. I have a friend - artistic, talented and intelligent. Along with all these qualities, shrewd. When he is in need of something, you can be as sure as hell that he will contact you. Once the work is done, he returns to oblivion. No, he isn't a bad person, it's just the way he is. Practical, calculative and clever-these can be termed as qualities when you are interacting with your contacts, not with your own friends. Our other friends have realised this long ago and hence stay aloof. But I just can't bring myself to it. End result - on one hand I am listening to his criticism by my other friends(sometimes I join in), on the other I have to behave perfectly normal in his presence or when he contacts me. It's wrong, I know that perfectly well, but the way out is tougher. If the chariot is running, who are you to take out a wheel? And so the charade continues.


  1. If you're expecting a comment, lemme tell you that there was "nothing in particular" that I felt I could comment upon :P

    Only if I knew that you were free - work could've been sent to you. Tch..

    CAT results - my friends took a chill pill. One of them called me two days later and yelled at me for not having enquired about his failure to clear the test. now I had known that he hadn't cleared but asking it upfront and making him speak about where he faltered and all that what I did not want to do. For this, I was yelled at :P Another one plainly asks if IIM could teach him English really - apparently he couldn't clear cut-off only in that.

    Orkut helped - that's interesting. And talk of that friend, I have *no comments* because atleast half the people around are like that.

  2. "on the other, I have to behave perfectly normal in his presence or when he contacts me!"

    Now, how do you do that?! :-| I am worried! I mean do you carry some simulated setup or some fake matrix-environment with you?? :-| How?? How?? This is so baffling! :-P

    The last few blogs made me gulp a lot of benadryl, I mean...uhmm...nevamind! :D