Friday, February 1, 2008

Insomniac? Not me!

Before I start off on the first day of this month, let me just say I m glad that I can manage at least one post per week(average, not date wise). Not that I am too busy with work(what's that?), but with a few other things. If and when I am at home, tv still has a stronger hold on me and blogging takes a back seat.

I wanted to blog about my relationship with one of the major time consuming activities in my life. Sleep. I am one of the few(millions of?) adults in the world who can still afford to spend(waste?) eight hours per night on this luxury. Why do I use the word luxury? Well, don't you think so? I hear people around me constantly complaining about the lack of time to achieve all that they want in a day, and I speak about spending 1/3rd of it sleeping.

I am not very sure why I did not let this childhood habit of mine go. My brother has easily achieved it. The only time I see him on his bed are the twenty minutes that I am up before him. Maybe it was the fact that I was anemic for a large portion of my life(it makes you feel constantly tired and sleepy) or maybe I am just too lazy(most of my friends will vouch for this latter point). Whatever the reason was, I am glad.

While "researching" the ill effects of lack of sleep, it struck me that this issue shouldn't be taken as lightly as some people do. Ok, not that I intend to live for a thousand years or something(what a torture that would be!), but I would most definitely want to at least live healthily whatever fraction of it is destined for me. What kind of a life would it be if you would huff and puff at just a few steps or find the need to pop in pills before your first grey hair appears. Even the thought gives me shudders.

My biggest disappointment though is the fact that I am a light sleeper. And by "light", I mean feather weight(er..ok..bad one). A little disturbance, a little noise or even if someone switches on the light and my blissful sleep is broken. I wonder how my brain actually finds this as "rest" because in the morning I can even clearly remember what caused the break(my stupid, over smart memory at play again?). Worse are the times when I wake up due to a nightmare(mine are as weird as they come) or a persisting, nagging thought at the back of my mind which finally decides to show itself clearly. My way of dealing with it(results are not guaranteed) is to force myself to think of something totally irrelevant, basically-escapism. If that doesn't work, expect a cranky me at work(for at least the first half of the day).

Sleep during a journey is out of the question for me, except during train travel. If you notice someone fidgeting, tossing, turning in their seat, playing with their cell phones or even taking pictures(just to pass time), do not be alarmed (unless the person in question is carrying a Kalashnikov and has shifty eyes). It probably is someone like me, unless, well, it's actually me.


  1. OMG!!! :-O
    U carry a Kalashnikov...damn! Do u have a license?!? :S :-O

    Am a heavy-weight sleeper btw! :P An elephant moon-walking beside my bed won't wake me up! :D :P

  2. never knew that you too blog :)
    Interesting read btw.
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  3. @tgo - read it again smart alec :P
    *sigh* I envy ur kind :|

    @vaibhav - its jus my online diary :)

  4. of this blog, there is just one things that is common we share -
    it is the light sleeper part.

    don't start off with the comment that "prasoon, you actually sleep?" :P

    Talk of sleeping during journey - very little doese of sleep are more than sufficient - yes compared to my sleep schedules otherwise i.e. A 5 minute nap feels like 30 minutes of blissful sleep. If in case you dont have a seat and someone at around 3am in morning offers you their seat and choses to sit beside a window at that hour, its most definitely ME :D