Thursday, June 26, 2008

Weekday journal

It is quite unlike me to update this blog on a weekday. Don't ask me why I am doing it. Maybe it's that nagging little urge which I have come to call as the blogger's itch. Eh, don't get wrong ideas, all I was referring to was the want or rather the need to express.

I had set out last Sunday to write one, but as "circumstances" would have it, it never saw the light of the day. Those circumstances include me trying to figure out good proxies to use for Orkut, Twitter, Facebook and any other social networking site which guarantees some good entertainment by sneaking a peek into the artificial online lives of friends and acquaintances alike. My fruits of labour(oh, what heavy words) were mixed in their sweetness. I did figure out everything, with a little help of course, but as a result lost the draft I was composing to upload. So there, that's the excuse I came up with.

Coming to the reason why I was so desperate to find proxies - I was working last Sunday. OK, I lied a little bit, I was in office on Sunday. I barely have work on weekdays and you expect me to actually put in efforts on a Sunday? Ha!

I don't know how many of you have gone through it, but it's the worst feeling in the world! The campus was deserted, and this, in a place which is teeming with people on a regular day! Where you would expect to see at least a bunch of people, you see emptiness. From the parking lot to the food court, nothing! Will Smith from I am Legend and that weird guy from 28 days Later, I empathise with you. At least they had zombies to have fun with, I had just the hum of my computer.

The day was doomed from the start itself. I step out of my bus and land into the empty depot of my company and *snap* goes my footwear. Wardrobe malfunctions of other kinds may be glamorous but when you are in the middle of a big empty space and are just about to cover a whole lot distance more, with no cobbler for miles around, you know you are in trouble. Just to set the record straight, I am not one of those girls(women?) who wear slippers that look like they are made from hay and have heels that can put the daintiest of ladders to shame. I go for sturdiness, I go for comfort(if only men came with such specifications..ahem..never mind!).

Dragging one foot and marching with the other, I walked on. In front of me was the monster that there was no chance I could overcome in my present state - the skyway. Imagine 50 stairs up, 10 feet walk and 50 steps down. Now imagine covering this distance with the disadvantage of having only one functional shoe. Not a pretty sight, not a pretty sight at all!

While I stood at the bottom of the staircase, the security guard left his place and came to me, wondering what the lonely soul was upto. I didn't see him grab his gun or walkie-talkie, so I assume he deemed me harmless enough. One look and he knew what he was dealing with. Being a local citizen and of course, a girl, I didn't have to do much to win his sympathy. A pro that he was, he shot off directions to me and protected my footwear while I went to get the equipment.

Not following what I said? Well, I left my footwear under his care, went barefoot to the local shop(second from the right, according to Mr. Knowledgeable), purchased super glue and safety pins( just in case) and returned to fix it. If I wasn't already impressed and humbled by his gesture and common sense, he went on to guess where I was from i.e. my native place. Oh well, I guess my accent and use of words gave it away, but still, you have got to give the guy some credit!

So captain presence of mind saved the day and cinderella went in search of her prince charming to the dark, lonely castle. They lived happily ever after? Come on, let's be real, shall we? Ate too much of blogspace(and perhaps your brain) already, so let's just close this chapter here. The End.


  1. Talk about being cinderella...wrong place to wear out ur sandals! that too..the office campus! :)

  2. :-o Sunday?! Office?! News!!

    +1 to 'Chip'py! Damn, another name now! duhh! :| :P

    and do u always need to give an elongated Intro for ur external blogs?! Can't u jump (no, dont jump! :P) directly into the point? :P

    Loved the style of write! :)

  3. @TGO huh..fine..I m blockin u! :P

  4. You're right about the Bloggers itch ;o) just can't help it.. About friends taking on an altogether different identity online.. I agree with you.. Its sometimes hard to believe you're interacting with the same person!!

  5. You write interesting stuff... I have a suggestion.. hope you take it constructively.. You ought to look at other themes.. This themes a bit too dark.. Again its my own view.. Different people have different tastes ;o)