Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wine and whine

Another year. As I was telling one friend, I am now officially un-young. OK so there may not be such a word but old doesn't suit me either. So as of now, there is a new word, whether you like it or not. Un-young. Someone who is not old, someone who still doesn't have gray hair but who cant boast of youthful energy like the good old times. Someone who climbs two flights of stairs and starts huffing and puffing. No wait, even the so called kids do that nowadays. Disqualify that point then.

I haven't been around since the past couple of weeks, if you hadn't noticed by the way. It wasn't intentional, I like scribbling here. The problem was, there was too much to scribble. There was so much negativity that I was afraid that I might spew too much venom and regret it later on. I do that sometimes. But I have good will power(*patting myself*). Hence the decision to abstain till the phase passes.

Well it did pass. Now that I try to recollect it, I don't know who or what upset me so much. I just remember being extremely cranky and hot headed for sometime. Oh there were the farewells of course. I hate to see good people go, really. Maybe it was a combination of who and what. Huh. I confused myself! Anyway, I am in the mood for some light hearted banter and observation so I present to you, the one thing that has impressed me a great deal lately-chivalry!

I won't dig up some lame Wiki entry to describe or define what chivalry is. If you don't know it already, please be "proactive"(ugh) enough to find out by yourself. My opinion about chivalry? We need it! See I am all for women's liberation, upliftment, feminism and all those things associated with ugly hags and lesbians. But to say that to walk shoulder to shoulder with men you need to let go and sacrifice these small privileges is akin to saying you need to give up chicken to eat beef! Doesn't make sense? Exactly!

And tell me something, how tough is it? How tough is it to keep the door open for the lady with you(irrespective of her relation with you, don't be partial towards/against partners/friends)? How tough is it to give way to the lady, even though both of you reached the threshold at the same time? How tough is it to make sure the lady is on her way home before you start for yours? How tough is it to not hurl abuses when in the presence of the fairer sex? OK, I give you the last one. People who appear to wash their tongues everyday with shit are not used to controlling their language. That's understandable. But you can make an effort, can't you?

Why should you? What do you stand to gain? There there, not everything in life is about loss and gain. Hmm..actually it is. So I shall tell you what you gain. You gain respect of women who think like me. You gain admiration, you gain the much needed second look. What second look? You know, the one where the girl looks at a guy with a weird expression on her face, judging him from top to bottom, thinking to herself "Hunh, not bad. Who would have thought he could be so considerate. Maybe.." . That look! Think about it. You have nothing to lose.

Meanwhile, it's getting a little chilly. Can you get me a blanket, please?


  1. Have you ever been discriminated against by your own guy-friends in favor of some unknown females? Now it isn't exactly that my guy friends step on my toes to get past me in the cinema hall, but sure as hell they want to get in there first, get the best seats and more so when the movie has already started. Of course, the scene is just the opposite when the lady in question is not a friend, just an aquaintance.
    And why limit it to courtsey to women, I think there are certain gestures that should be shown by everyone towards others, irrespective of the gender. Letting someone else pass by that door should be a common courtsey, not just chivalry.

  2. uh oh! not again! ;)
    Chivalry!! These ex-roomies I say, woi woi woi! :-P

    "People who appear to wash their tongues everyday with shit are not used to controlling their language."
    --Beautiful, simply beautiful! :|

    and yeah, welcome back! :)

  3. Hi ,

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    This way you can reach out to rambhai readers some of whom could become your ardent fans.. who knows.. :)


  4. I saw this pic on postsecret :)

    here is the link

  5. @thejesh lovely one, sometimes quite true!! :D