Saturday, November 29, 2008

As I see it

Happiness isn't just the ability to smile through hardships, it is also the ability to hide the effort

Sorrow isn't just crying over a loss, it is also the wish to not think about it, to avoid the tears

Sacrifice isn't just giving up something you love for someone you love, it is also the act of never letting them know

Anger isn't just yelling and throwing things around, it is also the feeling of helplessness that accompanies it

Ego isn't just the inability to admit you were wrong, it is also the stubborn belief that you were right

Faith isn't just the act of holding on, it is also the strength to let go

Distance isn't just the barrier in between, it is also the gaps you had failed to see

Fear isn't just the shadow that scares you in the dark, it is also your own image that makes the shadow

Truth isn't just what everyone wants to speak, it is also what no one wants to hear

Jealousy isn't just wanting what the other has, it is also wanting to destroy what cannot be yours

Love isn't just about giving up your whole self, it is also about accepting the other

Friendship isn't just about saying what you would do, it is also about doing what you don't say

Character isn't just what you show yourself to be, it is also what others see you as


  1. woow a nice set of quotes here KB ji!!

  2. @Ravi of course original! :O hmph..I m offended by that question!

    @Agent VV(nice username btw) thank you

  3. :) i liked the one about sacrifice.