Monday, June 22, 2009

This and That

Since it takes quite an effort and patience to actually come out with something that makes sense, here's a compilation of random thoughts that I would like to put down here for posterity:

The easiest way to know if he/she is serious - See if you are introduced to the friends. Forget family, they come much later. If you are introduced to the "gang", its on. Why did I suddenly think of it? Well, I promised you random, didn't I? Word of caution: if you have been at the other end of sweet nothings but still don't what the best friend looks like, move on.

All good things to eat are short words. Really, think about it. The three words that come to my mind are pizza, cake and coffee. Fine, you got me there. You don't eat coffee. But you get my point, don't you. Half the fun goes away if you spend fifteen minutes trying to pronounce it. Try ordering "croissant, on the go". That's why all of us love "puff" so much. And eggs. And Maggi. "Oh, there's nothing to eat, do you wanna have the instant-noodles-that-can-be-prepared-in-2-minutes?" I don't think so.

Google has spoiled all of us. I remember the time when the Encyclopaedia used to be the last word on everything. When you needed to look a word up, you got up, you went to fetch either the pocket dictionary or if you wanted to know some examples along with the pronunciation, you went to fetch the big daddy of dictionaries. It weighs at least 2 kilos. So once you had it on your tiny lap, you thought "oh what the hell, might as well look up some more words". Now, you just find an obscure link and prove to everyone that the way you say it is right. Stupid internet.

If you want to get a "hostelite"(people who don't live with their families) to get all emotional, play either of these songs - Purani Jeans/Yaaron Dosti/ Pal/Yaadein. Serious faces, tight body language, uncomfortable silence guaranteed. If there is alcohol in the vicinity, expect water works too. Disclaimer: listener must be fluent in Hindi.

I am back to the world of books and loving it. Sure, it's not like each and every book I get my hand on turns out to be the best published work in the world, but it's good to feel the workings of the funny device inside my cranium. Once in a while it does take a little bit of re reading to grasp something, given the distractions at hand. The speed has definitely taken a beating too. But hey, not all is lost. It's a wonderful world, the world of books.

If you have a cold, passive smoking will destroy you. If you can't avoid it, at least make sure you don't wash your hair in cold water. Forget nose block, sneezing or throat pain, it is the loss of the sense of taste that's the most painful. We take our sense of smell and taste for granted. Imagine eating five different things, but being able to judge only the difference in texture. It's as bad as being colour blind, if not worse. Stay healthy people.

Which reminds me, I find it quite difficult to believe that man has traveled to the moon (and back, if you were to listen to Savage Garden) but is still unable to find a remedy, or at least ease the symptoms of the common cold. I am not asking you to cure cancer, spread world peace or walk on water. I just want you to tell me that this can be done. Forget anti matter, give me anti splatter.


  1. Heh.
    I notice one thing - the wrong spelling of encyclopedia - you are NOT expected to be wrong wrt spellings - work on it! :)

    Regarding the cold remedy - am not sure if you remember what I had told. In any case, 'poison kills poison' and that logic strangely works. Develop the resistivity to the common cold virus - the only way to do it is eat cold stuff *now* - go get that ice-cream from the refrigerator I say.

  2. Ah. How were we supposed to know.
    Pardon the mortal for having doubted your command on english.

  3. Man has travelled to the moon?? Kball haven't you learnt anything from our conversations?? Good ol' Neil was just a faker! And so are all the people in cahoots with him!

    BTW 'traveled'?? don't go all 'US English' on me now bruh! just DON'T!!

  4. @Prasoon: hehe..beeeeeg mistake! :-D
    @Karuna: Abs 'your' kinda post! :)

  5. Wow! You gave an obscure link on the internet to prove that the way you spelt it was right. Stupid internet! :D

  6. I am back to books too! :) and totally love it!

    don't even talk about cold, passive smoking , n not washing hair in cold water..I STILL have a cold. even after 2 weeks.

    did u say coffee?? :D

    I think the songs hold great memories for a lot of us for a lot of reasons. :)

    quite a long comment, couldn help not posting it...

  7. Completely agree with pt 1. You should introduce to *gang* before anything....

  8. i need a cure for cold too..... :)