Sunday, August 9, 2009


I am in a very strange mood right now. I am so tired of people, in general. I am tired of greeting people, I am tired of looking at people, I am tired of talking to people and I am most definitely tired of making conversation with people!

This isn't about what people think. No, that has got nothing to do with it. It is just that right now, it just seems to be that there are too many people around me. There are times that I just want to walk into a place and not be spoken to. Just do away with the formalities, go on, ignore me. But more than that, what I really want is to be able to walk into a conversation and walk out when I want to. No special reason. Not because the person disgusts me or the topic is getting out of hand. Just that I just don't want to be a part of it. Just like that.

I am not a loner. Far from it, actually. I don't like being alone. But there are times I feel strangely suffocated, suffocated by people around me. You need to know what everyone is doing, everyone needs to know what you are doing, you ask them, they ask you, you make them acquainted with more people, they make you acquainted with more people. People, people, people. It's a circle that keeps expanding and some believe that bigger the circle is, more "popular" you are.

But don't believe what they say. Bigger your circle, more people there are to keep tabs on, to keep getting mixed with, to keep talking about. It never ends. There comes a point that you hit saturation and just want to forget all these people! Make them go away from your memories, make them strange faces you look at, once again. Make them strangers, people you didn't know, people you didn't want to know. Just random faces, people who know very few of your people.

Before you get me wrong, this isn't about friends. I have few friends. I am not one of those people who label acquaintances as friends. So we are good, this isn't about friends. Did I just say that again?

This is about people - so many of them! And ironically, I have posted this on my blog, where more people will read it. Great, just great.


  1. Is this post in reference to Wimpy...because i hear you bruh...that dude can get on your nerves! :P

    @Wimpy : Sorry buddy....i love you, man! :P

  2. Tch tch. Reminds me of the dark, disturbed Elaine in the later seasons. Maybe some Rafal coffee can help you get out of the funk, friendo.

  3. Sad! You got your chance, but you didn't take it! You cud've so easily become the People's Kha..err...Ballal. But, NO!
    Really sad! Lemme have 43 seconds of silence and 3 bananas! :-(

  4. Guess you need a holiday - the one that gets you disconnected. from work, from cellphones, group meetings and all that i mean. That should be a remedy that works for sure? for a while though maybe.

  5. "some believe that bigger the circle is, more "popular" you are. "

    I think thats the single reason why orkut and facebook is so popular...though we finally gain wisdom over the years that at eod its your close circle that really matters!!

    I love the brutal honesty in your posts!!

  6. Chocolate cake doesn't come free.

  7. Hmm for some reason I know EXACTLY wat ur talkin about :) .....