Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bangalore to Hong Kong!

No prizes for guessing what this post is about. There are so many things I want to share about this place that my head was bursting with observations and comments. So I'll just get down to it directly, no fancy buildups, no hows and whys.

  • What are the chances of meeting two people you know in the international airport, where being your first international trip you have landed way too early and have more than 3 hours to kill? And that too one being related to you! Well not too high, let me tell you that. But that is exactly what happened with me.
  • I did embarrass myself at a couple of counters but that's a different story altogether.
  • The journey was uneventful, and the air hostesses - rude. I guess they know that it's the only direct flight and hence you don't have much of a choice.
  • The flight was late and I just remember drifting in and out of sleep, only to eat and go direct back to sleep. By the way, whoever came up with the idea of playing "What's your Rashee?" as in flight entertainment, thank you! Works better than a warm glass of milk, instant peaceful slumber guaranteed!
  • This place defines "bustling"! You see people everywhere, everyone looks important, busy and like they have something really big to do and someplace very urgent to be. It has such a high energy that you wonder if you can keep up. My first weekend was pretty disorienting actually!
  • Customer service actually has a meaning here. They look like they want to serve you well.
  • Language problem - BIG problem. Most of them struggle with framing simple English sentences and when they actually do, their accents make it even more difficult for me to grasp what they are saying. Lesson learnt - use keywords, speak slower than usual, pay attention.
  • Gotta love the public transportation. You can get from anywhere to anywhere by three very convenient and simple means- trams, buses and trains(all A/C, of course). If you don't mentally convert the rates to INR then they work out really cheap too!
  • The clothes! How can I not mention that! I kid you not, no two women on the street wear the same clothes. Forget same, they are barely similar. I don't know whether the reason behind this is the abundant choices or just the desire to stand out, but it works!
  • The shoes! Yes, this post is getting very girly and what not but I cannot help it. Nowadays when I walk, I don't even look up. Girls/women here wear such pretty and funky footwear that it is difficult to focus elsewhere. Sure, given a choice I probably wouldn't even have the guts to try out these styles but that's also a point I want to make. Anything they wear, they look like they own the look and at total ease with themselves.
  • The men aren't too good looking. I prefer our Indian men anyday! It's been six days since I landed here and I could spot just one fairly good looking guy.
  • Food is a bit of a problem for a vegetarian like me but since I have "my people" already here since the past couple of years, I know where to look and what to avoid. In short, I am well fed.
I have loads to add but not right now. Work beckons.

P.S.: I didn't even know why today i.e. July 1st is a holiday here. Turns out some political thingy. Oh well *shrugs*


  1. damn! today, i cringe about my lost chance to hong kong and you post about it, like rubbing chilly on a wound :P

  2. :D enjoy maadi!

    P.S: dying to see the footwear!

    It's the same here too.. No one good looking.... In the last 7 months.. I've seen exactly 3 ppl.. One being a supremely obnoxious guy.

    Footwear here isn't good. Dresses are! I plan to own all good ones before I am back too! :D

  3. ...and the ladeeez?? hunh? hunh? what about 'em? How do they look? Liked any?

  4. Gas more da...all a/c?? trams too? :P

    As far as the lack of good loking guys go...yeah I know u talkin about me...I miss u too! :P

  5. I second turtle. Go for the ladies! *niiiiiiiiiiice*. Oh, that July 1st thingy is that date when HK went to being China from UK. I remember this coz of Rush Hour. :-$