Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Discussion time

This isn't any profound bullshit or thoughtful thoughts or whatever low grade material constitute my other posts. This is just a recollection of events at lunch time today, because if I forget to chronicle them, I m sure I will curse myself for the rest of my life!

Let me just build up the background story first. My lunch group consists of really silly(yet intelligent, mind you), witty and nonsense talking bunch of people that you could gather. Everyone has known the other through a common friend and two of them are even older than the rest by a solid almost 3 years, which is really hard to tell, seriously.

The usual conversation revolves around the guys talking about their (mis)adventures in the gym, a lot of puns thrown in for effect and mostly, making fun of other people (including each other). So it was a surprise, no, make that shock to see the developments at lunch today! Not only did we not discuss a very serious topic, but we continued it to the ice cream parlour too(fyi - first we have lunch then we go for ice cream, its a routine).

The topic of this heated(more details on this aspect in a while) debate was the article in one of the leading magazines about the effect of IT boom on Bangalore. For the statistician, out of the seven of us present there, four are Old Bangaloreans. This discussion had been carried on quite vociferously on our internal public forum, the Bulletin Board and so it spilled on to the lunch discussion.

Now coming to the use of the term "heated", one of us took it personally(no no, not me, the only thing I take personally is personal matters..err..*confused*). So there you have it. A day when the perception of the localite weighed heavier than the Gay Guy's umbrella on his pinky finger.
No wonder the weather was so crazy today. I wonder what other surprises are in store this chilly winter.

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  1. Ice-cream everyday?!? :-O
    Even in this weather?
    Holy Ice-Cow! :P