Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Master of none

It's that time of the year again! Actually, not really. Anyway, before I distract myself and my thought process starts drifting off in a totally different direction, let me get straight to the point.

Why is the whole world and their step cousin so intent on becoming managers? Every Sawyer, Tracy and Potter(I am planning to get copyrights for the usage of this term) seems to be writing this exam and that exam, which eventually leads to the holy grail of all people frustrated with their current line of work - MBA.

Trust me, the day I am asked to step into the recruitment process for an MBA school(of course, I will have to be a manager myself to achieve that, but let's come to that later) the first question(which I am sure many people ask even now) would be "Why?" but the difference lies in the fact that I will give it a personal touch, adding "..and don't give me bullshit" because I have read the countless "how to answer questions effectively" nonsense a thousand times over, heard (if not read) my friends' applications and let me tell you this, if someone actually believes that shit, they better believe that I am Mother Teresa reincarnated!

Yes, I know the actual reason, extra degree equals extra money. Simple, right? Wrong! Now you don't realise what repercussions this has on lazy souls like me who are quite satisfied with their incompetent lives! Case in point:

Nosy stranger: "So which stream of engineering are you studying?"(a different topic for another blog altogether)
Me: "Umm..Actually I am working for Infosys."
NS: "Oh wow. How many years over?"
Me: "I'll be completing my second year soon."
NS: "Good good. So planning to get married(another topic right here) or further studies? MBA?"*stupid grin*
ME: "Heh heh..yeah..hmm..I think my mom is calling me. Excuse me!"

It's either marriage or MBA! Can you believe that! Thanks to the scores of stupid, incompetent colleges offering these courses, MBA degree has now become as common as BE or BTech! Which in turn means there are more incompetent managers being turned out with each passing day who one way or another find their way into our already miserable lives. What is my rue with managers? Kindly skip to my first post on this blog, you will know!

Other than the moolah reason mentioned already, is there any other reason why people are pursuing this degree? I don't think so. Which is pathetic as they will be back to where they started, doing a job they never had passion for, they never liked, in the first place. MBA isn't the answer to all problems, it isn't the key to all of life's mysterious locks. If that is what you intend to seek, pursue a spiritual path, not an MBA.


  1. Ha ha... I feel frustrated wid the number of ppl doing/planning an MBA, too! But then being one myself, am nt spsd to comment further I guess! :P

    Loved this line... MBA isn't the answer to all problems, it isn't the key to all of life's mysterious locks... :D

  2. honestly speaking, in this mad competitive world, MBA is just a ticket for survival among the fittest! If u don't have an MBA degree, it ain't the END of WORLD, but certainly one would be 2 steps behind the 'threshold' of THE rat-race! :D

  3. I went through that 'WTF is everyone taking an MBA' angst phase a while ago.
    The innate engineer in me just couldn't fathom it. It was right up there in my list along with Darth vader and the Dark side. I mean, do you really need a fancy degree to kiss upper management ass? :p (I know i'm oversimplifying).
    I just don't like authority that isn't earned the hard way. I have respect for people who have been through the grind and occupy a senior position, but not because of a piece of paper that says I have to.