Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Final Destination

If you aren't aware of it already, I am a big(actually one) movie buff. If there is a movie which can be watched without death being an eventuality due to its poor quality, I will watch it.

That brings me to the reason why I set about typing this post. The recent one was Final Destination 3. Ok, don't roll your eyes as yet, I know I am three years too late. So what? You really expected me to go watch it in a theater? High hopes(I like that song..ok, focus!)!

The first part was good, the sequel wasn't, yada yada, we all know that. But that's not it. My problem is with the main protagonist in this series. First to set somethings clear -

a.)I don't believe in fate/karma/fortune, the works.
b.)Death to me is end of life, no more, no less. It is similar to the concept of darkness, which is but the lack of light. Similarly, death is the lack of life.
c.)I don't think American teenagers can think so logically. More on this later.

Now that we have established my beliefs or rather the lack of them, let's proceed(give me a chalk piece and my teacher role is achieved). The plot revolves around cheating death. The girl has visions, escapes her death, also rescuing a couple of her friends in the process and cheats it yet again by reading the signs i.e. deciphering the photographs she took.

a.)She is an American teenager. Call me racist but I really don't think solving puzzles is their forte. Had they shown a dorky Indian kid helping them out, I might have bought it.
b.)Gothic influenced kid having a dark side to him, the prick being totally unattractive, could there be any more stereotypes?
c.)Taking it to a personal level, if I discover death is out to get me, I wouldn't sit and fret over how to cheat it. Hey it's the mighty grim reaper we are talking about here. Millions of years of experience versus 23 not so boast worthy years. Can I be so arrogant to think I can win? I would rather finish up my final to do list and pray that the end isn't too painful or embarrassing.

A parting thought-does death grant final wishes? I am sure Johnny Depp wouldn't mind. Oh wait, I think it's Genie I am confusing it with. Never mind.


  1. Are you picturizing the American teenagers as Dumb Blondes, all of 'em?!? Dudette, they aren't on the top of this world for no reason!!

  2. looks like my statement came out more serious than I had intended it to be :)
    Dont worry, I m not foolish or ignorant enough to be prejudiced against any race and/or generation!

  3. Totally agree on the judgement of the American Teenagers IQ level.. :) Top of the world or not,kids there r totally dumb.. @Sou ever heard of "Brain Drain" in India..? dats wat mostly powers the Superpower.. :)