Saturday, May 3, 2008

How I wish..

How I wish I was a dumb girl. Seriously, not kidding here. By dumb, I don't mean retarded, that would have been cruel and sad, both for me and my family. By dumb I mean thick headed, you know, low IQ, "I don't get it" type.

Life is so rosy to such people. Even if it's not, they always make it, somehow. They imagine and live in a world which is so different from the one we currently occupy(and are in the process of defiling), that every day may seem so fresh and beautiful and every experience, something to cherish.

Childhood would be a piece of cake. Just smile, be sweet and not fail. What else could your parents expect from you. No matter how much a parent dreams for their child, in their heart they know the true potential too. So they would know you are not the "doctor material" and not even try to force you into academics. "Oh well, as long as she is polite to the guests, we shouldn't worry too much", I have seen such content parents with my very own eyes.

Teenage? Don't even get me started counting the no. of advantages such girls have. You don't even have to be gorgeous or super hot. Know how to manage to look relatively OK and you have it. They are so much in love with the idea of love, that getting hold of "Mr. Perfect" is as easy as playing hopscotch(I miss that game sometimes).

A few guys here and there, a few switches later, and you are into adulthood. Since you never exactly excelled in studies, no one expects you to do anything on your own, be capable of earning a livinghood or make a name for yourself in the cut throat, competitive world of what we (sometimes wrongly) refer to as professionals. In case Mr. Perfect found himself another Ms. Perfect, your parents are ready with a groom, someone(anyone actually) who has enough bank balance to keep you happy for the rest of your life. You wouldn't know what is right for you and in any case you wouldn't sweat over it, after all, as long as he keeps you dolled up, life should be a bed of roses right?

No career to worry about, no pressures and most importantly, no decisions to make, personal or professional. Just leave it for someone else to do, someone more reliable than you, someone who knows what is best, someone who would weigh the pros and cons, someone who would lose their sleep over it, not you.

Oh yes, that would have been fine, quite fine.


  1. what a dumb write! :|
    hehe..kidding! U know dat u are born not-so-dumb, u cant help it! So, why dont u act dumb for some, maybe, 2 days or so and find out how ppl react to ur demeanour! :D :P

    I am just wondering how much of a MOCK-Blog this actually was! :| U better not mock those hauu... dumb blondes!! x-( :P

  2. The same thought has occured to me... and has been pooh-poohed by all my girl friends(they're smarter than me)

    I wonder why...

    P.S: could you please enable OpenID comments in your blogger control panel. I hardly use this blogger login anymore. openId is much easier for those who have one. KTHXBAI