Friday, August 8, 2008

Do you remember?

Well first for some good old gloating and a few updates. The gloating part - I have a weird memory. No, that's not something to be proud of and it isn't my point. What is so strange about my memory? You see, ask me what I was wearing on the day I joined my first company and I will tell you exactly. Ask me the first time I was slapped by my class teacher (which was in 3rd standard by the way) and I will even recollect the exact reason why and her name. Oh and that was one of the only three, ever. Ask me who I sat with first when I entered college and what she was wearing, ask me the reason I fought with my best friend in class four, ask me which dress I was wearing for my uncle's marriage in 1997, ask me anything. Well, anything not relevant, and I will remember.

Don't ask me dates. Don't ask me which day or date I was asked out for the first time in life(6th standard), don't ask me what my total in 10th/12th standard was, don't ask me to remember any phone remember other than my own, don't ask me the date I had my first major accident, don't even ask me my university seat number. OK, I lied about the USN. I think they expect dodos like me to be omnipresent and hence make them quite easy to recollect. Or maybe because I have used it at least 30 times(the figure is more, don't ask me by how much), counting all the exams, that it is carved in my memory for a very long time to come(never say forever, ever).

So on one hand there are the insignificant details and on the other, things that may and should matter to most people. I remember the ones that are irrelevant, that probably are stored in the archives section in most people's brains, to be dug up only when required, which includes family gatherings, school/college reunions, accompanied by an "ohhh..yeah..I think I faintly remember that" or "what lies! You are concocting your own stories", depending on the situation being for or against you, respectively.

But, ladies and gentlemen, inspite of this handicap, one thing I do pride in is remembering birthdays. I think I should put a disclaimer there because even that comes with "conditions apply" but given the number of people I have come to know over the years, I think I am doing pretty well for myself and for others. The "for others" is a clever part I put in there, did you notice? No? Never mind. It's because I have been entrusted(sometimes I take it upon myself) the responsibility of remembering them. I send mails to other friends, I ping them, in short I do everything a Short(pun intended) Messaging Service reminder usually does.

Pretty neat, eh? That's what you think. When you have such a record, you cannot screw up. One birthday you forget, and boom, all hell breaks loose. "How could you forget?". And it has the ripple effect. Blame the reminder service. Shoot the messenger. Nevertheless I wouldn't stop doing it, I wouldn't stop taking the responsibility. I like the appreciation that comes when I remember and remind, I like the gratitude that my friends express. I am the puppy that will continue to jump for a treat, even after you have slapped it mildly on the nose for chewing up the sofa. Quite pathetic, but that's me.

In the "updates" section, I met a friend recently after a long time and he made me believe in what I had always known to be true. All you need is someone who'll listen to you. It was a good day.

PS: I digress a lot, don't I?


  1. I have the same weird memory problem! :(
    Father Watier had slapped me for the first time when I was in 1st Std.(My first slap) I was trying to climb a medium-sized plant(yeah, not tree!!). I also remember, I was wearing the school uniform! :P

    "I am the puppy that will continue to jump for a treat, even after you have slapped it mildly on the nose for chewing up the sofa." -- Priceless! (:| :| :| :|)^100

  2. Mine was a cream n green dress :)
    Never been slapped :D

    I have the memory problem too..
    sometimes I can't remember names too..:(
    I use an alarm reminder for birthdays.. :( But really close friends..I have the dates imprinted in my brains.. :)