Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

To most of the people, it means welcoming the new year in style. Parties, dinners, get together, something, anything. Song, dance, drink, laugh and generally make merry. And yet, to some, it is totally different. No, don't worry, I am not going to talk about the downtrodden class and how miserable their lives are. Here are a few of the observations made on new year's eve, that I found amusing:

The chicken shops: I don't know what is the relation between chicken and new year! Every little shop selling meat is teeming with people! And when I say "little" I mean the ones titled KentAcky fried chicken. No kidding, every time I pass that sign, I chuckle.

The Bakeries: All the Iyengar bakeries, fake or genuine are making big business today. The name Iyengar bakery in itself is ironic because usually most of these bakeries serve delicacies with egg as an ingredient, which is not to be consumed by them. There are little extensions of the shop, covered by shamiana(tent) selling cakes in every imaginable colour. I don't mean to be condescending, but they really looked anything but edible! I think I even spotted a bright green one shaped like a guitar. Rock On? :)

The loners: Near every shop, or any other commercial establishment, there will be one guy, just this one guy. Either seated or leaning against a pole or a wall. Smoking or just doing nothing. Age no bar, class no bar. I spotted a kind of good looking guy and I also saw a guy who looked like the police department in 11 nations are looking for him. But the guy is there, without fail.

The funnily dressed: nah, this isn't going to be a tirade against the badly dressed or a lecture on fashion consciousness or dressing etiquette's. By "funnily dressed", I mean the ones who dress in a way that does not suit the occasion. Confused? Take the example of this family - mother, dressed in fake silk, adorned with jewels, daughter, pre teens, dressed in something bright and new, with an old scarf over the head. It's cold you see. The father takes the prize though. He is dressed in the Sabarimala pilgrim clothes, all black. Where are they heading to? The local mall, of course.

These are your normal people, trying to make a big day out of something, which actually does not bear too much significance in their mundane lives. But these are also the people, who make the most of it.


  1. shops u missed :P

    - Archies & all similar gift shops
    - Bars & Liquor shops
    - Speeding bikers

  2. hhaah..!! finally..!! thank uuu..! :P

  3. The summary takes the cake - nicely put must say.

    oh well, a nice template too. refreshing white n simple :)

  4. @Ravi aren't those the obvious ones? :) and what speeding bikers? every piece of land that remotely resembled a road was snatched up by traffic!

    @Prasoon thanks..I dont like the template too much myself..mainly the pic, I cant relate it to my blog at not me!

  5. that's just the header which can be changed right? the rest is as I would put - "better than the rest" :)

  6. Happy new year...
    its just another day, just like bdays.. i mean whats the big deal, so you went around the sun one more time and grew wiser.
    It happens every year.. once a year.. unless the polar bear flatulence melting the polar caps drown us all by the end of this year, we will still have another year to celebrate... :)

  7. happy new yr to u ji!! I din get to see those funny things this yr...I had a quiet new yr wit some frends in their apt :D ...the best part is a lot of Indian food :D :D!! :D

  8. After 273 attempts at changing the blog template, here you are! Finally! This one's pretty neat! :)

    Interesting observations as always!
    Have a great Two Oh Oh Nine! :)