Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dye me black

For starters, I still haven't spotted my first gray hair as yet. It's a little surprising, given the fact that almost every one I know has had at least one, for sometime now. I am not referring to people above thirty, I am talking about people my age. The reasons might be plenty - pollution, bad diet, genes, and most importantly, stress. So I think that's where I score over the others.

How does it feel when you spot you first gray hair? Do you go ballistic, crying out in agony "Why me God, why meeeeeeeeeeeeee"? Or do you just perform a quick mental calculation, taking into account the cost of hair dye into your monthly expenditure?

Hair dye. Of all the funny inventions that man can be accused of coming up with, this one sits right up there on top. Who thought of it? What was the thought process that was going on? "Hmm..if I just paint my hair, no one will notice how old I am!"? Personally, I feel hair dying is justified when you look your age, or rather, when you can carry it off. So that would be your 30's and perhaps even 40's, if you are watching what you eat and are blessed with a youthful look.

But let's face it, once you hit the 50's and your kids are through college and possibly working, what is that bottle of black hair dye still doing in your bathroom closet? You expect people to look at you and go "oh poor thing, he/she has black hair but terribly wrinkled skin. Must be an affliction which affects the terribly young"?

Before you ask me, let me tell you myself, my parents also belong to this category. Much to my chagrin, they paint their hair religiously every time the grays make an appearance. I have tried my best to convince my mother to try the Indira Gandhi look, if not the Nafisa Ali look and my father to go for the Richard Gere look, if not the S M Krishna one. I am not a kid anymore and I don't expect my parents to look like a kid's parents, either. But of course, they don't listen to me so I have given up. The only thing I can do is to resolve that when it's my turn, I'll go natural.


  1. I've given up trying to convince the papa bear. But my mum beng the sneaky rebel that she is, chooses not to dye. What do you think goes thru people's heads when they're seen together...
    Women always find a way to get their way. lol. Respect!

  2. Can't they come up what a chemical that atleast won't give such a unnatural jet black color to the hair? It looks less strange..

    Oh My dad has the Richard Gere looks.. but sometimes he prefers Antonio Banderas .. n thats when it goes from silvery black to jet black :|

  3. I like bald women.
    I think they look hot.

  4. of all things in this sweet world... KB... u decide to post about hair dye..wonderfully weird!!! :)

  5. A year or so ago, I got my first one. As usual, my mother spotted it.

    Mom: You've got a white one
    Me: What?
    Mom: A white hair
    Me: Oh
    < Two minutes of silence later)
    Mom: Get Married.

    Its been that way ever since.

  6. The only thing I can do is to resolve that when it's my turn, I'll go natural.

    We shall see! Uhmm..I'll be 95 then! :-s