Monday, October 15, 2007

Connection Reset

Sleep..I need sleep..My mind is so exhausted right now! All because of my stupid phone. I recently(Sat to be more precise) activated GPRS on my phone for lack of anything better to do. The cost seemed reasonable enough and given my single status and of course the provision of the office phone for other calls, as it is I hardly spend anything towards me phone bill. So my thought was "Why not?"

Coming to that, I have friends who have spent more than a thousand per month on just phone bills! Whoever said that love is blind forgot to mention that love can cost a lot too(pun intended)! Anyway, what prompted me besides general boredom was my curiosity. Such instances actually make me wonder if I was a cat in my previous life, the signs are quite obvious to miss. There's just one flaw in this theory-I don't believe in rebirth!

Ok so coming back to the 'connectivity' issue, The activation was a cakewalk, kudos to Vodafone for that. Any technically illiterate person could have also followed the simple steps that they provided though their SMS. Once the setup was complete,it was time to test it. The phone browser takes just too much time to load and redirect and so downloading a suitable browser was the need of the hour. That was the start of my woes.

Two days, two full days I kept trying to connect to my favourite sites(that wasn't posing any problem). But it also required me to log in repeatedly to view each page. Eventually it turned out that the beta version, the one that I had downloaded was the culprit and the old version was the answer to my problems. At two in the night(morning?), after downloading the older version and checking for its performance and to my great relief, discovering that everything was working fine, did I call it a day(night?)! Why couldn't I just wait for the following morning, contact the service guy and have the thing fixed? Well, to be honest, my pride and ego wouldn't let me!

I hate generalisations and if there is anything I hate more than generalisations, it is stereotypes. How is that connected in any way to my "story"? Well, "you are a girl, technology is way beyond your reach" qualifies as a stereotype, doesn't it? I am happy to announce that I became an exception to this rule and I am now 'connected' to the world through my phone. In fact, half of this blog was composed on my phone, while traveling back home!

I am loving it! :)


  1. Ahmmm...
    Looks like this exceptional tech-savvy girl is advertising about browser woes, her low phone bills n her 'single' status.

    Cheer up now that gprs is working n ur connected-ah,btw-this comment was completely thru the cell :P :P. We can talk about ur 'single' status offline ;-)

    n btw, only the love birds don't have a phone bill of 1000 plus-mine is double that but ...

  2. I know GPRS is addictive..its damn kool to have one but..coz i was so so wishing that i had GPRS and i cud update tweeter and irritate ppl thruout my journey home! :)

    btw..i have a plan...i thnk shall be fone and GPRS.. err..for that the digicam plan has 2 be shelved..and err...the XBOX plan too! :(

    'LUV' is costly..true! :D