Saturday, October 13, 2007

Relatively Sane

Phew! What a day. It all started yesterday when my aunt called up home to inform that since my niece(she is 20 years older than me) is in town, they will be coming home today for lunch. My mom switched into the hyper mode. What to prepare tomorrow, how many to expect, what to buy, etc. Now don't get me wrong, usually she behaves in a very composed manner, as is expected from a working woman handling her family since the past 27 years.

But when it comes to relatives, especially if they are from my father's side, you better step out of the way. I seriously wonder why. I have even confronted her and told her that their "judgement" of her should make absolutely no difference to her or our lives. She obviously denies the fact that she is trying to win them over and hence the charade continues. I have accepted the fact and have resigned myself to it.

Its not that easy though. Her restlessness rubs off on me and since my brother somehow very cunningly is missing from the scene on such days, I am left to bear the brunt of her irritation. It starts right in the morning. Since almost every Friday I sleep late, it automatically translates to me waking up late on Saturday. Thats usually not a problem, its almost a routine now. But not today. I was woken up by her at around 10, thats like 2 hours too early! Not to forget that at around 7 my sleep was broken and I panicked looking at the clock, forgetting that it was a non working day.

My hands were itching to start the computer and sit online, but if I don't learn a few lessons after 23 years of living with my family, I consider myself to be one retarded, spastic creature. So there I was, standing outside the kitchen, not even mentioning breakfast, waiting for my orders. And did they come! Though I must confess that since she has raised me, she knew what all I am capable of(hehe) and hence kept my chores simple. My favourite one though was the role of the taster! I am supposed to be a stone emotions wise but when it comes to senses, mine are hailed as the best in the house(thank you thank you). So any dish/dessert/edible item that is prepared, first comes to me for the honours.

Needless to say, today there were many to be inspected! They all passed the test, few underwent minor alterations, and I am very happy to announce that they were all hits with the relatives. And I am not basing my claims on just the mandatory praises showered by them, but because second servings were asked for, and that can never be misleading! The pleasure was apparent on my mother's face and the look of amusement on mine.

Now coming to those people who single handedly succeeded to cause so much mayhem in a day of our lives - my relatives. If you have seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you won't have a problem recognising them. The loudest, most boisterous, biggest bunch of happy and healthy people - that's them! But I must admit, there's not a single dull moment when the Ballals get together. Everyone seems to have a good sense of humor, the best of which comes up when pulling someone's leg. And sarcasm..oh boy..if you are new to this family, you should be warned, all of us are full of it!

Come to think of it, I had a good time. I like relatives when they come in "short" packages ie for a few hours. They come, they eat, they crack jokes, we reminisce, they call us to their house and then they leave. Short and sweet. Anything more than that and its time to make excuses about mailing someone from work or having a headache and take a leave from the gathering. I wonder if they feel the same way about me and my family. Actually, I am sure that they do! :D

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