Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What is worse than having a friend whose girlfriend you aren't exactly a fan of? I'll tell you- the girlfriend making it quite obvious to your friend that she isn't comfortable with the two of you being together.

I am the kind of person who is more at ease with guys. Why? I am not sure but I think the fact that I have grown up with two brothers might have something to do with it. I am not exactly tomboyish, but I definitely cannot be classified as "girly" either. So it doesn't take me much time to gel with other fools of similar temperament. All this history has been laid out just to emphasize the fact that being with a guy is not new to me.

Usually, its a matter of time before I am introduced to the better half.The protocol been done away with, next comes the time for her to assess the "threat"-me! I am proud to state that 99% of the time, I am given the green signal. The rest 1% are the perennially doubtful ones, the ones who wouldn't let even a cow come near their prized possession.

I don't know why us females are always so suspicious over the other's intentions. That too, if it's a long term relationship, the insecurities are justifiable - out of sight, out of mind, the distance playing the role of an aging, waist expanding villain. But when you are just a call away, what's your problem! Sometimes (when I am in on my worst bitchy moods), I feel I should justify their cause for concern and teach them a good lesson in the process. But of course, my moral conscience(which is unfortunately,double the size of my ego) always butts in to stop me.

Don't they realize that if there's anything the guy should be protected from, it is them! A girlfriend who constantly questions you, confides her fears about your good friend (if i might add something here-the very same friend who got them together in the first place!) and makes no small matter of the fact that she is jealous, doesn't stand much chance in the long run.

As it is, once a friend finds love, rest assured for the next few months he/she forgets the existence of friends. To top that, the whole "love triangle-conspiracy theory" angle to it makes it even more difficult to handle. I do agree that sometimes friendship does blossom into love, but that doesn't mean you view anyone close to your better half with suspicion. If you can't trust the one you love, you have already lost it all.

Anyway, my solution to this dilemma- distancing myself from it all. Keep the confusion and your boyfriend to yourself, I want nothing to do with either. Am I compromising unnecessarily and losing out on good times? Compromise-yes, unnecessarily-no. I want my peace of mind and hope in the process she finds hers too.


  1. Donno if dats the right solution, but if one thinks so, then fine..

    "An uncomplicated life is what we crave for!" :)

  2. @TGO-right or wrong depends on the perspective..

    yeah..totally agree with that!