Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Managing myself

Frustration. An emotion I am very used to, I can identify with. If the frustrations are brought from within, its easier to handle, but if they are brought on by a third person, playing it down takes up a lot of energy.

When you start your professional life, what is the one thing that plays on your mind, more than anything(except the money)? Well, for me, it was the thought of working under a stranger, who, by sheer experience and age would be senior to me. Throughout my childhood I have heard both good and bad stories about my parents' bosses and was hence thoroughly curious to find out about mine. Would he be bald?Maybe. Would he be too old?Nah..nobody is too old in this industry! Would he be interesting?Hmmm..

Looking back, I wouldn't mind if he were either bald or too old! This man, who is supposed to be a "manager", who is supposed to be good in people skills, asks his team members whether he should leave early as his wife is acting cold towards him. Yes. You read that right. My skin crawled when I heard this and trust me, I would give any therapist as much as desired to erase this traumatic, ghastly memory from my idiotic remembers-everything-clearly brain!

Forget being a good manager, he doesn't even seem to be a proper man! Call me narrow minded or old fashioned, but I am of the strong opinion that a man should behave like, well, a man! To hell with metrosexuality or the over hyped "finding your feminine side"! Nothing is as demotivating or creepy as the first manager in your professional life giggling during the call with the client(obviously on mute) or standing with his hands on his hips or walking with a very Bobby Darling gait.

No,he's not gay. He looks it, he acts it, but I guess he doesn't know it. He is apparently happily married(an oxymoron?). But that's besides my point! What is my point? I don't know! All I know is that with each passing day, it is becoming more and more difficult to hide my disgust towards this man. Yet, I have no other options. Compared to the cunning crook who is sitting and plotting in Mysore as to how to get us back there, who merrily dines at the expense of another and tells him that the onsite trip is canceled only when the bill is paid, my manager seems to be the lesser of the two evils. Much lesser!

But when I hear my friends talk how knowledgeable their manager is or some even admitting they don't even know who their manager is, the pangs of jealousy inside of me become uncontrollable. Of all the under paid morons in this company, why in the world did I have to be stuck with the man who abandons his place and shares our cubicle when in trouble? WHY!!??

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  1. hehe...i was told abt this 'man' in tids and bits! now, i get a whole-some picture of the 'man'!
    Real funny and happy character he is!! :-P

    one day, i'll write about mine..boy...thats a totally different story.. Ahem! :D